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Rolf Lappert

Rolf Lappert, born in 1958, trained as a graphic artist before deciding to become a writer. In the late 1980s, he interrupted his writing career to found a jazz club together with a friend. From 1996 to 2004 he worked as a scriptwriter. Having lived for some time in Ireland, Rolf Lappert currently lives in Switzerland, where he works as a freelance writer.

​(Updated: 2014)


  • Pampa Blues
    [Backwater Blues]

    Carl Hanser Verlag, Munich 2012.
  • Auf den Inseln des letzten Lichts
    Carl Hanser Verlag, München 2010.
  • Nach Hause schwimmen
    Carl Hanser Verlag, München 2008.
  • Die Gesänge der Verlierer
    Nagel & Kimche im Hanser Verlag, Zürich 1995.
  • Der Himmel der perfekten Poeten
    Nagel & Kimche im Hanser Verlag, Zürich 1994.
  • Im Blickfeld des Schwimmers
    Basel 1986.
  • Passer
    Basel 1984.
  • Die Erotik der Hotelzimmer
    Basel 1982.
  • Folgende Tage
    Basel 1982.