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FLIX, born in 1976, is a freelance illustrator and comic-strip artist based in Berlin. He studied communication design and made his debut with his thesis project "held" at Carlsen. From then on he has been creating comics that are partially autobiographical. Flix' works have been translated into nine languages. He is the first German artist who has been allowed to create works for the series "Spirou" which has a long tradition.

(Updated: 2019)


  • Spirou in Berlin
    [Spirou in Berlin]

    Carlsen Verlag, Hamburg 2018.
  • Münchhausen
    Carlsen Verlag, Hamburg 2016.
  • Das Schlaf
    Aladin Verlag, Stuttgart 2014.
  • Faust
    Carlsen Verlag, Hamburg 2010.