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Felicitas Hoppe

Felicitas Hoppe, born 1960 in Hamelin, studied Literature, Rhetoric, Religion, Italian and Russian in Hildesheim, Tübingen, the United States, Rome and Berlin. She later taught German as a Foreign Language at the Goethe Institute and worked as a journalist. Since 1996 Felicitas Hoppe has lived as a freelance author in Berlin, writing for both children and adults. Her books have been translated into numerous languages.

(Updated: 2020)

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Prawda. Eine amerikanische Reise.
S. Fischer Verlag, Frankfurt 2018
Novel. S. Fischer Verlag, Frankfurt 2012
Der begnadigte Truthahn. Tiere im Weißen Haus
Berliner Handpresse, Berlin 2010.
Die weiße Frau. Ein Gartenfest
Berliner Handpresse, Berlin 2008.
Ingrids Affen. Ein Berliner Geburtstag
Berliner Handpresse, Berlin 2006.
Novel. S. Fischer Verlag, Frankfurt 2006
Paradiese, Übersee.
Novel. Rowohlt Verlag, Reinbek 2003
Novel. Rowohlt Verlag, Reinbek 1999
Vom Bäcker und seiner Frau
Berliner Handpresse, Berlin 1999.
Drei Kapitäne
Berliner Handpresse, Berlin 1998.
Picknick der Friseure.
Stories. Rowohlt Verlag, Reinbek 1996.