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Lutz van Dijk

Lutz van Dijk, born 1955 in Berlin, was a special-needs teacher before taking a post at the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam. He completed his doctorate at Hamburg University with a dissertation on the activities of oppositional school teachers under Nazism, and involved himself in the 1980s movement promoting peace education. He lives in Amsterdam and Cape Town as an author, and as a co-founder of the South African Foundation HOKISA for HIV/AIDS-affected children and young people in Cape Town.

(updated: 2020)

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Mbongis Weg zur Schule. Eine Geschichte aus Südafrika
Fischer Verlag, Frankfurt 2018.
Romeo und Jabulile
Peter Hammer Verlag, Wuppertal 2010.
cbt-Verlag, Munich 2006.
Feinde fürs Leben?
Rowohlt, Reinbek 1989.