Saturday, 27.11.2021

Bettina Wilpert: Nichts, was uns passiert

That kind of thing doesn’t happen to us

Online Event: Literary discussion

Bettina Wilpert discusses her debut novel.


Leipzig. Summer. University, football world cup, communal cook-ups. Plenty of good friends. A birthday do. Anna says she was raped. Jonas says it was consensual. Her word against his. After two months on the edge of despair Anna finally reports Jonas to the police, but whispers of it being a ‘false accusation’ soon start circulating amongst their acquaintances. The credibility of the pair is thrown into doubt, their friendships are suddenly at risk.

Co-discussant:  Elena Pallantza (literary translator)
Chair:  Marina Agathangelidou (translator and literary critic)

Goethe-Institut Athen (Facebook Page)

Languages: Greek and German, with simultaneous translation

Please note! Start time: 3:00 PM (British Time)

More Information (German)

27.11.2021, 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM