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New Litrix Special-focus Language: Greek, 2019-2020

New Litrix Special-focus Language: Greek, 2019-2020

Opening Event

Wednesday, 27 February

The starting gun has sounded! Greek publishing houses can now go ahead and apply for financial support for the translation of books featured in the current Litrix programme.

What is the Litrix programme? What books does it include? In what respects does it differ from the Goethe Institute’s traditional translation support programme? At this special introductory event we shall be happy to answer all these questions, and any others you may have regarding the Litrix internet portal.

You will have the opportunity to check out the initial batch of ten books, both in the original German and in the form of translated excerpts, and also to chat to the editor and the various translators.

Athens Goethe Institute (Library)
14-16 Omirou
106 72 Athens

27.02.2019, 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM