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Lyriksymposium: Syn-Energy Athen – Berlin

Syn-Energy Athens - Berlin

Poetry Symposium

Tuesday, 02 April

Panel Discussions - Readings & Performance

Contemporary poetry – a niche art form or a literary genre with fresh possibilities for artistic expression?
Formats such as poetry slam, performance art, digitized poetry, as well as experiments that cross the line between the visual and performing arts show clearly: poetry as a literary form has an extraordinary potential for development.

Poets, publishers and translators from Germany and Greece will engage in a dialogue during this one-day symposium. Following two panel discussions the audience will have an opportunity to experience live performances of poetry in a variety of formats in both languages.

Martina Hefter will participate in the event. The translation of her collection of poetry, "Es könnte auch schön werden" (It could also be nice), will be supported by the Litrix programme.

Language: Panel discussions - Greek/German with simultaneous translation.
Readings & Performance - German or Greek without translation.

For more information about the program

Goethe-Institut Athens
Omirou 14-16
100 33 Athens

02.04.2019, 3:30 PM - 10:00 PM