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About showcases new German-language publications from the fields of fiction, non-fiction, and books for children and young people, selected on a regular basis by panels of experts. In association with this also offers a Translation Grant Programme geared for several years at a time to a language chosen for special focus.


Special-focus 2015-2018
The Arabic World offers financial support for Arabic translations of books currently showcased on our portal. To this end you will find all the relevant pen-portraits of authors, book reviews and sample passages available to you in Arabic, as well as in German and English.

more – the Goethe Institute‘s program for promoting literature – has provided funding for the translation of some 100 titles in the previous five focus- languages since 2004.

Translations supported by


Successful in Egypt as well: Booktubing

Booktubing, which refers to self-produced videos that present literature online, has turned into a major trend that resonates powerfully with audiences across the Internet. Nada Elshabrawy was the first Egyptian to create her own professional Booktubing channel in 2017. In her videos, which she produces on a regular basis, she talks about books that are near to her heart. Shady also produces shows online that offer tips on literature. In an interview, the two discuss this new trend, their passion for literature and the response of the public in the Arabic world.