Arabic Comics© Shennawy

Arabic Comics
Often Political, always Art

An exciting look at a creative scene: The Egyptian comic artist Shennawy and others discussed “new Arabic comics” at the Frankfurt Book Fair.[more …]

One advantage of the literature blogs:  the contents are available for everyone in the netPhoto (detail): © art_sonik/Fotolia

Literary Criticism
The Blog Trend

Bloggers have become established in the literature business and are meantime important contacts for publishers. What is more, many a blog can compete with the newspaper arts sections.[more …]

Internationale Jugendbibliothek München© IJB

International Youth Library
Children’s Literature, A Cultural Heritage

In the picturesque Blutenburg Castle in Munich resides the world’s largest library for international children’s and youth literature. But it is anything but a dreamy castle of books.[more …]

Bodo Kirchhoff© Laura J. Gerlach

German Book Prize
Fleeing from Oneself

Bodo Kirchhoff has been awarded the 2016 German Book Prize for his novel "Widerfahrnis". This guarantees that it will sell well – as do the winners of other literary prizes in Europe and the USA.
 [more …]

Comic translator Ulrich PröfrockIllustration (detail): © Reinhard-Kleist

Translating Comics
“Encroaching on the drawings is taboo”

Text and pictures are more closely interwoven in comics than in any other literary genre. In our interview, comic translator Ulrich Pröfrock reveals why this makes life particularly challenging for translators, and which freedoms they have.[more …]

Internationale Buchmesse Sharjah 2016© Goethe Institut Gulf Region

International Book Fair Sharjah
Binding Incentives to Encourage People to Read

During the course of the International Book Fair in the Sharjah Emirate, which took place from November 2 - 12, the United Arab Emirates issued a law which regulates how the government creates incentives to read.[more …]

Kafka in the Arabic World
Conversation About Literature at the Leipzig Book Fair

Franz Kafka is one of the most influential writers of the 20th century. What exactly fascinates Arabic readers about Kafka’s life and works? What role do his texts play in shaping aesthetic and intellectual perspectives in the Arabic-speaking world?[more …]

Assaf Alassaf with Barbara BurckhardtPhoto (detail): Barbara Burckhardt

Creative Artists on the Run
Life without a plan

At the beginning of 2016 the Syrian writer Assaf Alassaf received the “White Sea Grant” for threatened writers and artists from the Mediterranean region. An interview.[more …]

Ulla Lenze's Reading Tour in Egypt© Sherif Bakr

Ulla Lenze's Reading Tour in Egypt

From March 26-30, Berlin-based author Ulla Lenze was invited by to present her novel, “Die Endlose Stadt” [The Endless City] in Cairo and Alexandria.[more …]

Eine Apotheke in Hanoi © Reinhard Kleist© Reinhard Kleist

Reinhard Kleist
“I spent a lot of time observing people”

Comic artists from Germany are holding workshops and showing their work at the Goethe-Instituts worldwide. One of them is Reinhard Kleist. In 2015, he worked at the Goethe-Instituts in Krakow, Minsk and Hanoi. His sketches and notes show what he observed in those locations.[more …]

Katharina Greve’s Web comic “Das Hochhaus”Illustration (detail): © Katharina Greve/

German Comics
On the move into the women’s and digital age

German comics enjoy success with both critics and readers. In vogue are especially subjects pertaining to contemporary history, new forms of narrative and comics produced by women artists.[more …]

The Arab World – (not) an unlimited bookmarket?© Photo: Mirko Lux

Frankfurt Book Fair 2015
The Arab World – (not) an unlimited bookmarket?

With the increasing efforts to revive the book market in the Arab world by publishers and cultural institutions, intermittently hindered by economic, political and social factors, the limitations of this market are yet to be explored and redefined.[more …]

Jens Rassmus in Ramallah© Matthieu Jeuland

Children's Books and Illustration
“Can I play too?” In Ramallah

A child, a football and a search for friends to play with: "Kann ich mitspielen?" [Can I play too?] is the title of Jens Rassmus' children's book, which was translated into Arabic and published in Ramallah. In March 2016, the book was presented along with a workshop for illustrators from Gaza and the West Bank.[more …]

Ricarda Junge in Kairo© Mohamed Samaha / Goethe-Institut Kairo

opening event in cairo is launching its new special-focus Arabic World (2015-2017)

​With a reading by Ricarda Junge from her novel „Die letzten warmen Tage“ [The last warm days] and a presentation of the programme, the new special-focus was launched at the Cairo International Literature Festival. [more …]

Frankfurt Book Fair 2013Photo (detail): © Frankfurter Buchmesse, Nurettin Çiçek

Independent Publishing Houses
Diversity for the book market

They discover new talent and bring out limited series. However just as the big publishing houses are battling with the onslaught of digitalisation, the independent publishing houses too have had to face up to these challenges.[more …]

A striking cover allows a book to stand out from the crowd.Photo (detail): Frankfurter Buchmesse/Marc Jacquemin

Book Covers
A Language of Its Own

Thousands of books vie for the attention of readers each year, and an appealing cover can catch the eye of a potential customer – but is it really the key selling factor?
 [more …]

Crime writer Jörg MaurerPhoto (detail): © Fischer Verlag

The Book Trailer
A Colourful All-Purpose Tool?

In these days of Facebook and Youtube, many large publishing houses are placing their bets on short films to advertise new books. But the costs of a professional book trailer are high and the advertising impact much-disputed.[more …]

A modest winner type: Lutz Seiler, winner of the 2014 German Book Prize;Photo (detail): © Claus Setzer

Lutz Seiler
A literary late-starter

He used to work as a bricklayer and carpenter before he discovered, and became fascinated by, the world of literature. Lutz Seiler was awarded the 2014 German Book Prize for his debut novel “Kruso”.[more …]

The Festival Hall in Dresden-Hellerau; photo: Shoshana LiessmannPhoto: © Shoshana Liessmann

Residencies for translators
Worldwide Ambassadors for German Literature

Despite their importance for literature, translators are rarely in the spotlight. “Translating Books – Building Bridges” is the motto of a residence program that enables translators to spend time working in Germany at two unusual places and so puts their literary and inter-cultural achievement in focus.[more …]

Shoshana Liessmann, Klaus-Dieter Lehmann, Donata Kinzelbach and Yassin Adnan at the Leipzig Book Fair Photo: Andreas WünschirsPhoto: Andreas Wünschirs

Literature in the Maghreb
“First poetry, then journalism”

At the Leipzig Book Fair, the Moroccan author Yassin Adnan spoke with Klaus-Dieter Lehman and Donata Kinzelbach about the impact of the Arabellion on writers in the Maghreb. This is an interview with Kersten Knipp.[more …]

Aktuelle LiteraturFoto: (c) Goethe-Institut

Current themes
History, Homeland, Work Worlds

Contemporary literature written in German has grown remarkably heterogeneous, diverse and broad in its range of topics. Nonetheless, it is possible to identify a few areas authors are choosing to focus on.[more …]