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About showcases new German-language publications from the fields of fiction, non-fiction, and books for children and young people, selected on a regular basis by panels of experts. In association with this also offers a Translation Grant Programme geared for several years at a time to a language chosen for special focus.


2019 - 2021
Focus: Greek offers financial support for Greek translations of books currently showcased on our portal. To this end you will find all the relevant pen-portraits of authors, book reviews and sample passages available to you in Greek, as well as in German and English.

more – the Goethe Institute‘s program for promoting literature – has provided funding for the translation of some 150 titles in the previous five focus- languages since 2004.

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New in Magazine
Ecology & Sustainability in Recently Published Children's Books

by Antje Ehmann

Join in and protect nature!
In addition to Peter Wohlleben’s bestsellers for adults, he has written engaging books about forests and nature for children such as, „Hörst Du, wie die Bäume sprechen?“ (“Can you hear the trees talking?”) and „Weißt Du, wo die Tiere wohnen?“  (“Do you know where the animals live?”) that have inspired young people around the world. Since his success, several new children’s books focusing on environmental protection and the effects of climate change have been recently published.