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About Us

About - Online Portal and Translation Programme
Special-focus language 2019 - 2021: Greek presents new publications from the German book market which are selected by a jury of critics on a regular basis. Information on these books is provided on our portal in the form of
• book reviews by well-known literary critics,
• sample passages
• details on authors and publishers
in German, English and the current special-focus language.
Our goal is to provide an opportunity for interested readers, publishers and translators abroad to gain a direct, unmediated impression of the state of contemporary German literature.
What makes unique is its Translation Grant Programme, which focuses on a single language for several years at a time.
Previous special-focus languages:

2015 - 2018: Arabic
2012 - 2014: Russian
2009 - 2011: Spanish (Hispanic America / Argentina)
2007 - 2008: Portuguese (Brazil)
2005 - 2006: Chinese
2004 - 2005: Arabic
For 2019 - 2021, Greek is our special-focus language.
We are accordingly presenting all our books in Greek as well as in German and English, and we offer targeted financial support for translations into Greek. Information about eligibility criteria can be found here.
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