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Application process and eligibility criteria

Eligibility criteria
Support is available exclusively for the translation of books written in the language of the current special-focus area and showcased on The special-focus area for the years 2022 - 2024 is Italian.

It is a prerequisite of any funding that there be formal contracts between the foreign licensee and both the German licensor and the translator of the work. Grant monies are only disbursed once the relevant work has been published and specimen copies delivered to

Grants are offered on the basis that the translator will receive a fee of €18 per 2000 German characters (including spaces). In the case of poetry and graphic novels, however, a special rate will be determined to reflect the difficulty of the material in question. Then maximum grant per book in respect of the translator’s fee is €5000.

The search for translators best suited to the relevant mode of writing will be undertaken in consultation with will normally contribute up to 50% of the costs of acquiring translation rights. However, the license costs can only be subsidized up to a maximum amount of € 2000.

Upon conclusion of the Grant Agreement the grant towards the cost of the foreign rights will be disbursed to the Italian publishing house. Upon publication of the translation the Goethe Institute will disburse to the translator the translation fee of the translation grant specified in the Grant Agreement. The translation fee is not disbursed until four specimen copies of the published translation have been received by

The funding levels proposed for the programme of special focus on Greek are contingent on the underlying funds remaining fully available to Should this no longer be the case, no legal rights will thereby accrue to grant-holders.

Application process
Applications must include the following documentation:
1. Detailed calculation of costs, including number of copies to be printed
2. Copy of licensor-licensee translation rights contract
3. Copy of licensee-translator contract
4. Rationale of the project (position of the work within the publisher’s profile, target group aimed at, etc.)
Grants are subject to the following conditions:
1. At the point when a grant-offer is made the book in question must be neither already published nor in the process of being published.
2. The translation must be made directly from the original German.

Please send your application by mail or email to:

Beate Neumann
Stellvertretende Institutsleiterin
Leiterin der Informations- und Bibliotheksarbeit
Goethe-Institut Mailand
Via San Paolo 10
20121 Mailand
Tel.: + 39 02 77691720
Fax: +39 02 76009186

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