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Translation Grant Programme

Focus language Italian © © Goethe-Institut © Goethe-Institut

2022 - 2024 Focus language: Italian

As well as the information service provided by our literature portal, also offers support for translation projects within the context of its cyclical two-year focus on a specific language and region. Our special focus for 2022 - 2024 is Italy.
This support is available exclusively for books that are showcased in Italian at
Our translation grant programme is targeted at those regions selected for special focus, deploying specific initiatives aimed at fostering the transfer of literature and creating enduring mechanisms that facilitate cultural interchange. To minimise the financial risks that publishers in the special-focus region might encounter, the programme offers not only a grant covering the costs of translation, but also a contribution towards the cost of purchasing the publishing rights. However, the license costs can only be subsidized up to a maximum amount of € 2000.

Information about eligibility criteria can be found here.

The targeted support of translations in the special-focus language is intended to complement the Goethe-Institut’s existing range of support mechanisms.

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