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G&G is Austria's leading publisher of children's books and teaching aids. The company is dedicated to promoting reading skills and publishes books for children from ages three through 14; learning aids through high school and textbooks for instructors. The Glöckler Gruppe also includes Ueberreuter publishing company for children and young people, the nonfiction publisher Carl Ueberreuter, Annette Betz and Nilpferd.

G&G features local authors such as Karin Ammerer, Thomas Brezina, Stefan Karch, Felix Mitterer, Franz Sales Sklenitzka and many others. The vast range of red-white-red topics is reflected in all four pillars of the program - Picture book, primary reading, children's books, and learning aids.

The extensive storybook program includes classics by Mira Lobe and Angelika Kaufmann as well as picture books that allow children to learn in a playful manner. The G&G Verlag’s annual Christkind Books is a special highlight of the program.

The independent imprint Nilpferd produces artistic and award-winning books.

“G&G Lesezug” for children of four years and up is the most comprehensive first reader series in Austria. The reading concept, which was developed by educators, makes reading fun for all levels of readers and age groups. With more than 70 titles that include complimentary supplemental materials, children are encouraged to become reading professionals.

The children's books are distinguished by a well-established series. Exciting plots invite children to read and keep reading while training them to comprehend the material.

G&G is Austria's leading publisher of learning aids. All learning aids correspond to the Austrian curriculum and most of them are endorsed by the Austrian school book list. „Ich hab den Durchblick“, „SMILE“ and „Kompetent Aufsteigen“ are among Austria’s most successful learning aids.