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Interview with Jörg Baberowski and Igor Narskij
Chaired by: Shoshana Liessmann, Goethe-Institut

Saturday 11.10., 2-2.40 pm // ARTE Stand, Hall 4.1, Stand F 1
Cooperation: Goethe-Institut, ARTE

In his gripping analysis „Verbrannte Erde. Stalins Herrschaft der Gewalt“ (Scorched earth – Stalin's rule of terror) Jörg Baberowski refutes absolutely fundamental theses of contemporary history regarding the role of Stalin within the power system he created – theses that the Berlin-based historian has long held true himself. Baberowski disclosed in his foreword that the monstrous violence haunted him even in his dreams while he was writing the book. Now the comprehensive volume, which received the Leipzig Book Fair prize in 2012, has been published in Russian translation by Russian publisher ROSSPEN. The jury in Leipzig endorsed the book with the claim that in future anyone addressing the subject of Stalinism will consider this book an absolute must. How do they view this in Russia? What arguments are addressed by the title? How has it been received? Do non-fiction books play a role at all in the current socio-political debate in Russia? Taking part in the discussion are historians Jörg Baberowski (Berlin) and Igor Narskij (Chelyabinsk).
Poto: © Messe Frankfurt GmbH, via Wikimedia Commons

Wednesday, 8.10. until Sunday, 12.10.2013 // Halle 5.0, Stand D 100
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