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Russian became’s special-focus language in April 2012.
The next two translations commissioned by Russian publishers under the aegis of have now been published:

Philip Waechter: Der fliegende Jakob [Летающий Якоб],
translated by Daria Andreeva, published by
Image „Forum Publishers“, ISBN 978-5-91134-944-8.

Jutta Richter: Ich bin hier bloß der Hund [Я всего лишь собака], translated by Olga Myaoets, published by
„KompasGid“, ISBN 978-5-91134-944-87.

Further sponsored translations which have been published with help from the translation grant program can be found here.

 Fiction Non-fiction Books for children and young people

Per Leo
Flut und Boden
[Flood and soil]

Klett-Cotta Verlag 2014

Dietmar Dath , Swantje Karich
Lichtmächte. Kino - Museum - Galerie - Öffentlichkeit
[Light powers: Cinema - Museum - Gallery – Public]

diaphanes Verlag 2013

Torben Kuhlmann
Lindbergh. Die abenteuerliche Geschichte einer fliegenden Maus
[Lindbergh. The Tale of a Flying Mouse]

NordSüd Verlag 2014

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