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Category: Children's Books

Michael Roher

Michael Roher, born 1980 in Lower Austria, trained as a social education worker in Vienna. His various activities and projects are driven by his love for the circus, for illustration and design, and for interacting directly with people. He has worked as a freelance author and illustrator of children’s books since 2010. He lives with his family in Baden near Vienna.

(Updated: 2020)

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More Publications

Wer stahl dem Wal sein Abendmahl?
Luftschacht Verlag, Vienna 2019.
Frosch und die abenteuerliche Jagd nach Matzke Messer
Tyrolia Verlag, Innsbruck 2018.
Luftschacht Verlag, Vienna 2015.
Oma, Huhn und Kümmelfritz
Jungbrunnen Verlag, Vienna 2013.
Picus Verlag, Vienna 2012.
Fridolin Franse frisiert
Picus Verlag, Vienna 2010.