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Julia Friese

Julia Friese, born in 1979, studied Graphic Art and Book Design at the Academy of the Visual Arts in Leipzig as well as Visual Communication at the National College of Art and Design in Dublin. She lives as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator in Berlin.

(Updated: 2020)

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Beltz & Gelberg, Weinheim/Basel 2016.
Elke. Ein schmales Buch über die Wirkung von Kuchen
Beltz & Gelberg, Weinheim/Basel 2015.
Schwein sein
Beltz & Gelberg, Weinheim/ Basel 2014.
Bajazzo Verlag, Zurich 2010.
Papierschiff ahoi!
Bajazzo Verlag, Zurich 2009.
Das Mohrrübensuppen-Abenteuer
Bajazzo Verlag, Zurich 2004.