Theodor Storm

Theodor Storm was born in 1817 in Husum, and died in 1888 in Hademarschen. After studying Law in Kiel from 1837 to 1842 he obtained a post as an advocate in Husum. In 1852 he lost his job for political reasons, and became an unpaid probationer in the Prussian Civil Service in Potsdam. He became a judge in Heiligenstadt in 1856, then in 1864 Landvogt (local prefect) of Husum. In 1874 he was appointed as an Oberamstsrichter (senior local judge), then in 1878 as an Amtsgerichtsrat (district court judge). Storm is regarded as one of the most important German exponents of Poetic Realism, with his fame based chiefly on his novellas, and to a lesser extent on his poems.

(Updated: 2018)

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