Gabriel Verlag / Thienemann Verlag



The Thienemann Verlag, founded in Stuttgart in 1849, is one of Germany’s oldest publishers of children’s books. Some six hundred titles are currently available, amongst the best known of which are Die kleine Hexe [The little witch], Krabat [Krabat], Die unendliche Geschichte [The story that never ends] and Momo [Momo]. Numerous Thienemann books have become classics of children’s literature both in Germany and abroad. Prize-winning, international authors such as Michael Ende, Otfried Preussler and Ursula Wölfel have chosen Thienemann as their publisher. All these books continue Thienemann’s long-standing tradition of publishing top-quality books for younger and older children.

The Gabriel Verlag, which has been part of the Thienemann group since 2000, is chiefly involved in publishing ecumenically oriented religious literature for children. Its books are intended to be fun, whilst at the same time provoking thought and providing answers. Since 2001, both Gabirel and Thienemann belong to the Swedish media group Bonnier.