Piper Verlag



Piper Verlag, founded in 1904, is well known for its lists in German and international fiction and non-fiction. Authors published by Piper include Ingeborg Bachmann, Sten Nadolny, Annette Pehnt, Sándor Márai, Paul Watzlawick, Walter Moers, Jakob Hein, and Ferdinand von Schirach. Since 1995 Piper Verlag is part of the Swedish Bonnier Group. In 1996 the Piper publishing group acquired the imprint Malik (literary travel writing, adventure, mountaineering). Since 2002 Piper’s list has been further enriched by the addition of high quality fantasy literature. Since 2008 the imprint Pendo (commercial fiction and non-fiction) belongs to Piper, and in 2012 the imprint IVI for young-adult fiction was launched.