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Schöffling & Co.


Schöffling & Co. was founded in 1994 in Frankfurt am Main as a publishing house focusing primarily on contemporary German fiction off the mainstream. Among Schöffling’s authors are established and renowned voices such as Eva Demski, Reinhard Kaiser, Helga M. Novak, Margit Schreiner and Burkhard Spinnen, as well as promising, award-winning young talents like Franziska Gerstenberg, Inka Parei, Markus Orths and Juli Zeh.

Publications also include an elaborate range of new editions of novels by Jens Rehn, Martin Kessel, Paul Kornfeld, as well as the collected works of Elizabeth Bowen in new translation.

From the very beginning, the authors have been the center of attention at Schöffling & Co. An atmosphere of mutual confidence and esteem and a never-ceasing professional commitment to the authors and their works provide the basis for a successful literary relationship.

Today in its tenth year, Schöffling & Co. is one of Germany’s very few independent literary publishing houses, forming an integral part of the literary scene at home and continuing to win international acclaim.