Wallstein Verlag



Wallstein Publishing is a German publishing house located in Göttingen. Founded in 1986, it is now a well established partner for main scientific and cultural institutions in Germany, distributing its works throughout all German speaking countries.

Wallstein is known for publications focused on cultural and literary history of the 18th century as well as its history program that is centered mainly on Second World War and more general Jewish life an culture in Germany and Europe.

A major event in the development of the publishing house was the huge success of Ruth Klüger’s biography »weiter leben – Eine Jugend« (Still alive) in 1992. Partly due to its high literary quality, this book is one of the most-read literary works written in German on the subject of the holocaust, and has become a »classic of holocaust literature«.

Additionaly to the scientific publications Wallstein has a fiction program that was established in 2006. One of the most successful books was the novel »Engel des Vergessens« by Austrian author Maja Haderlap, who won the 2011 Bachmann-Preis for one passage of the novel. Since 2012 Wallstein also publishes the well-known literary magazine »die horen«.

All in all, Wallstein publishes around 170 books a year, with an annual turnover of approx. two million euros.