Wilhelm Fink Verlag



Founded 1962 in Munich by Wilhelm Fink, the Wilhelm Fink Verlag first specialized in literary and philosophical literature. Later, their focus shifted towards works on media studies and visual arts, cultural history and philosophy. In addition to reference books, they have expanded the program to include thought-provoking, non-fiction designed for a broader, more sophisticated reading public. The Wilhelm Fink Verlag aims to be a driving force in discussions and debates on current issues.
In fact, the authors published by Wilhelm Fink Verlag continue to play a decisive role in shaping debates around media studies, cultural history, literature, and philosophy and are the subject or writers of major feature articles in Germany’s top magazines and newspapers.
In June 2010, the publishing house jointly founded Konstanz University Press (KUP) with the University of Konstanz). Since the inception of Wilhelm Fink Verlag, the research group Poetik & Hermeneutik and Literaturwissenschaften Konstanzer Provenienz were a focus of the program. With the founding of this Imprint, the longstanding alliance between the elite university and the most demanding German publisher of Cultural Studies was sealed (DIE ZEIT).