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Antje Kunstmann


Verlag Antje Kunstmann developed out of Frauenbuchverlag (women’s publishing company) which was founded in 1976. Over the course of the 1980s Frauenbuchverlag significantly expanded its program and began targeting audiences with politcal and literary interests. Authors who are established with the company such as Tschingis Aitmatow or Fay Weldon, and new discoveries like Rafael Chirbes or Barbara Gowdy represent the publisher’s many-faceted literary program. In the non-fiction area the house can also point to several notable successes, for example, Donata Elschenbroich’s “Weltwissen der Siebenjährigen” (“The Worldly Knowledge of Seven-Year-Olds”), the publisher’s most successful book to date. However, important titles have also been published in the fields of medicine and politics. Kunstmann Verlag remains an independent company.