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Sherko Fatah

Sherko Fatah, born 1964 in East Berlin as the son of an Iraqi Kurd and a German mother, grew up in East Germany until the family moved to West Germany in 1975. He studied Philosophy and Art History in Berlin, where he lives and works as a writer. His books focus chiefly on the interplay of the European and Arabic worlds, with uprootedness, war, violence, flight and exile as central motifs.

(Updated: 2020)

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Schwarzer September. Novel
Luchterhand, Munich 2019.
Der letzte Ort. Novel
Luchterhand, Munich 2014.
Ein weißes Land. Novel
Luchterhand, Munich 2011.
Onkelchen. Novel
Jung und Jung, Salzburg 2004.
Donnie. Story
Jung und Jung, Salzburg 2002.
Im Grenzland. Novel
Jung und Jung, Salzburg 2001.