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Jochen Voit

Jochen Voit was born 1972 in Nuremberg.  Ever since he has been able to flip through book pages, he has been studying the masters of the Franco-Belgian comic school. In 1990, he wrote a report for the school newspaper emanon about the Erlangen Comic Salon, which was kindly illustrated by Walter Moers, Matthias Schultheiß and Ralf König.  Franquin was unavailable at the time.  From 1992 to 2002, he lived in Munich and worked as a bookseller, music journalist and historian. He moved to Berlin, wrote a much-discussed biography of the socialist singer icon Ernst Busch and exhibition texts for the GDR Museum. Since 2012, he has headed the Andreasstraße memorial in the former Stasi prison in Erfurt and has been working on establishing the medium of comics in museums and exhibitions. The stories he researches and writes about often deal with oppression and liberation.

(Updated: 2019)

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