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Category: Children's Books

Jörg Bernardy

Jörg Bernardy, born 1982, studied philosophy and literature in Cologne, Paris and Düsseldorf. He was a research assistant at the Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design, where he worked with renowned authors and academics such as Peter Sloterdijk and Wolfgang Ullrich. He subsequently worked for Die Zeit for several years. His research focuses on the philosophy of media, culture, society and aesthetics. He is interested in the connection between theory and practice, and in the many different potential forms of experience that constitute the basis of philosophical ideas. Jörg Bernardy lives as a freelance author in Hamburg.

(Updated: 2020)

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Der Traum vom neutralen Blick. Parmenides und Wittgenstein als radikale Realisten
Verlag Karl Alber, Freiburg 2018.
Philosophische Gedankensprünge
Beltz & Gelberg Verlag, Weinheim 2017.
Aufmerksamkeit als Kapital
Tectum Verlag, Baden-Baden 2014.
Warum Macht produktiv ist
Wilhelm Fink Verlag, Paderborn 2014.