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Kookbooks Verlag


Kookbooks is an independent publisher curious to innovative literary forms and well-known for its excellent manufacturing and designs, each with individual illustrations by our art director Andreas Töpfer. Our small program runs about six titles a year ranging from avantgarde poetry and essays to witty novels and – even bilingual - picture books for children. Since our start in 2003 almost every author published – among them Uljana Wolf, Monika Rinck, Steffen Popp, Hendrik Jackson und Pierangelo Maset – attracted broad attention and was honoured with literary awards, as was kookbooks publisher Daniela Seel when she received the Kurt-Wolff-Förderpreis for publishers in 2006 and the Horst-Bienek-Förderpreis of the Bavarian Academy for the Fine Arts in 2007.